Support for affected by the war in Ukraine

Support for students and staff affected by the war in Ukraine is available from the University

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“News of the war has certainly shocked all of us, with many people following the news very closely. It’s important that no one is left alone to deal with their concerns and potential anxiety. In the University community, we act with mutual respect and support one another. In addition to discussions with friends and colleagues, help is available from occupational healthcare. It’s good to consider routines you can rely on to alleviate your anxiety and the things you can influence,” Director of Human Resources Tiia Tuomi notes.

A range of support for students and staff provided by the University

Support for health and wellbeing on the Instructions for Students website:

Support material on Flamma:

Support material by the Finnish Red Cross: What to do if the war is upsetting you?

Some helpful info and links for staff and students in Flamma concerning the situation in Ukraine:

One additional, direct link that may be helpful for some students, or for anyone, is a crisis helpline “Mieli” (‘mind’)

Support provided by Occupational Health

If you are anxious and worried about the situation, support is available from occupational healthcare. The ‘Concern about my own coping’ chat service is an easily approachable support channel for employees by the occupational health provider, which employees can use to anonymously speak to a specialist and, when necessary, obtain instructions for further measures. The chat can be used through the Digital Clinic of the OmaMehiläinen application.

Employees can contact the occupational health nurse assigned to their unit, who will refer them on as appropriate.

To support supervisors, the occupational health provider offers the easy-to-access opportunity for a conversation with an occupational psychologist relating to concerns and matters pertaining to managing fitness for work.

In addition, Pirjo Kekäläinen’s stated: “In this exceptional situation University of Helsinki offers psychologist services also for grant researchers through the occupational health care provider Mehiläinen. A voucher to the Mehiläinen can be obtained from local HR services.”

Practical tips and support material by Mehiläinen (occupational healthcare): Facing News and Experiences of War in the Ukraine (more material will become available later) and Anxiety caused by the world situation (pdf by Mehiläinen)

Additionally, this link might also be useful (it is about UH providing support if encountering hate speech and harassment on social media):–hankalissa-tilanteissa-et-ole-somessa-yksin/9526564

Introducing a new email address for questions related to the situation in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has raised a great deal of questions as well as suggestions for action in the University community. Questions and suggestions related to the situation can be sent to the new email address Responding to messages are specialists and advisors from different University Services sectors.

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