ABC Learning Design Workshop

Time and place: Friday 2nd March, 2018 / 10 AM – 12 (noon) / Athena 302

The University of Helsinki Educational Technology Services invites you to participate in a unique workshop by elearning specialists Natasa Perovic and Clive Young from the University College of London. This workshop is titled ”ABC” and is designed to facilitate the transformation of contact teaching content into blended and online course contents. Thus far, Perovic and Young have taught this workshop at universities around Europe to hundreds of teachers and professors, so this is a stellar opportunity to participate in a best practices -workhop that is gaining significant traction on an international level.

The workshop is ideally suited for designing and transforming contact teaching courses into blended learning and online learning formats, through utilising a visual storyboarding technique as well as specifically designed ABC-cards, which explicate various online and contact teaching methods. We will be working in small groups of three or four persons, to create a visual poster of a selected course you would like to get ideas for, and that you are developing into blended and/or online course formats. Moreover, the take-home messages will be applicable to your course design activities later on, as well; particularly useful for designing courses together with a group of teachers.

We have previously taught a version of this workshop within the digital leap (digiloikka) projects of the University of Helsinki and during the University Pedagogy program courses. Workshop participants typically say this workshop was very useful and immediately applicable to their course designs.

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