Master’s programme in agricultural, environmental and resource economics (AGERE)



Currently most of our teachers utilise at least for some digital help in their teaching: Moodle,  streaming, Adobe connect or Skype during their lectures or make teaching videos etc. Many of our master students are either working in the occupations related to our degree and living around Finland or abroad, or international students. During last autumn we have asked from our students during the personal study plan sessions what would be the best way to help them with their studies, and the answer was very clear: online courses and distance learning. At the moment we do not have any online courses available within the programme, some of our teachers have some experience to create them, but majority of the students and staff need to learn how to teach and learn online.


Objective is to create two online master-degree courses: 1) Cost –Benefit analysis and 2) Qualitative methods in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource economics. Both courses will be available to all interested, the first one as a MOOCs and the latter as an online course and both as blended courses. Courses are created during the spring and summer 2019.

Contact: Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen, e-mail