Master’s Programme in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences

particle physics on-line.

In the digital leap during 2018-2020 we will produce a high quality online course ”Introduction to particle physics I” (5 ECTS). This course is a basic requirement for the particle physics study line in the Master’s Programme in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences, and can be also included already in the bachelor degree.

The material we will develop consists of several different parts. First, we will produce high quality video clips which contain the essential parts of the theory and computational examples. Video material also offers a variety of possibilities to expose current experiments and observations in particle physics to the students. Second, we will create online problem sets using the STACK problem activity in Moodle. Third, we will use the CERN open data portal together with jupyter notebooks to provide hands-on exercises.

With these materials we will create an on-line course which can be used as a stand-alone web-course or as a supplement for a regular lecture course. The materials can be extended also towards more advanced courses and parts of the material can be used in connection with the programme outreach and marketing of the programme.

The work will be carried out during 2019-2020 so that the course will be available for the fall term 2020.