Nordic higher education is going through pivotal changes. The relatively homogenous and standardized systems, administrated largely within the state, appear to be transforming into a more diverse and complex higher education landscape. Significant challenges, such as decreasing public funding, new competition and market-driven access barriers are threatening the egalitarian basis of the Nordic model.

The research group on Diversification and Equality in Higher Education (DIVIDE) is a multidisciplinary research community committed to enforce the public mission and responsibility of higher education. We conduct cutting edge research on access, participation and agency, as well as privatization and stratification processes in Nordic higher education.

The overall focus is on the effects which the current changes in higher education have on educational opportunities and equality (in regards to gender, academic/non-academic family background, immigration background, prior education, age, etc.). We develop novel research approaches and methods that expand prior policy analyses on patterns of under-representation and unequal participation.

Furthermore, we aim to lead an international research agenda and engage in global collaboration to address world-wide social justice issues in contemporary higher education.

DIVIDE is located at University of Helsinki, and the Nordic Centre of Excellence ‘Justice through education in the Nordic Countries’ (JustEd).