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E-lomake in a nutshell

E-lomake is a web application which can be used to define and publish diverse e-forms and to handle their responses.

E-lomake is used with a browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome etc.). The collected information can be transferred into spreadsheet or statistics software, such as Excel, SPSS or EditGrid. The data can also be browsed in several different ways within the software and searches can be made.

E-lomake can be used for surveys, collectinf feedback, handling enrolment for events, handling electronic applications and implementing various electronic processes.

When you plan to use E-lomake, take a look at this checklist first:

  • Apart from the administrators of your organization, nobody sees the form until you publish it.
  • Creating a new form will also create an url-address for your form (which you will later send your respondents)
  • Give your form a descriptive name so you can find it easier!
  • The order in which you create the fields doesn’t matter – you can easily drag the fields and field groups to reorganize them.
  • Use “field groups” to divide the form into logical parts (for example: Contact information).
  • Remember to publish the form! Usually, it is useful to test your form a few times before sending the url-address to your respondents.
  • Note! There are some restrictions regarding editing published forms to ensure the unity of data entries.