Environmental Change and Global Sustainability NOW 2018

ECGSustainability NOW is an annual science conference organized by sustainability science students to everyone interested in sustainability sciences. It’s happening for the first time on 19th of December 2018 at Think Corner, Helsinki. There will be two workshops for students and a panel discussion open for everybody about how we can link together sustainability and holidays. More information on this year’s event you can find from EVENT 2018 sidebar and the event on Facebook.

We hope to see you at ECGSustainability NOW event!
Annika, Linnea, Milka and Tia-Maria


ECGSustainability NOW on vuosittain järjestettävä koferenssi ECGS maisteriohjelman opiskelijoilta kaikille kestävyystieteistä kiinnostuneille. Se järjestetään ensimmäistä kertaa keskiviikkona 19.12.2018 Tiedekulmassa, Helsingissä. Päivän ohjelmassa on kaksi opiskelijoille suunnattua työpajaa sekä kaikille avoin paneelikeskustelu juhlapyhien viettämisestä kestävästi. Lisätietoa tapahtumasta löytyy välilehdeltä EVENT 2018 ja tapahtuman Facebook- sivuilta.

Tapahtuma järjestetään englanniksi.

Nähdään ECGSustainability NOW tapahtumassa!
Annika, Linnea, Milka ja Tia-Maria

Let’s introduce our panel members

The first panel discussion of the ECGSustainability NOW event is just around the corner. An interesting discussion will be on the timely topic, Sustainable Holidays – Can we conserve Christmas traditions while the climate is changing? So let’s introduce our panelist!

Our chairman, Janne I. Hukkinen (PhD, University of California Berkeley, 1990) is professor of environmental policy at the University of Helsinki. He studies the cognitive aspects of sustainability assessment and strategy, with empirical applications in participation, expertise and risk in environmental policy. Hukkinen is a Member of The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, Editor of the journal Ecological Economics, and Expert Counsellor on the Environment for the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland. In addition to over 90 peer-reviewed scientific articles or book chapters, he is the author of Sustainability Networks (2008) and Institutions in Environmental Management (1999), both published by Routledge

Minna Autio is a professor home economics and a researcher in consumer economics at the University of Helsinki from the year 1999. In 2006 she defended her doctoral dissertation on the Construction of consumerism in young people’s narratives and she has wrote many interesting articles around this topic, for example about Consumption as a part of a adolescent’s identity. At the panel we are interested to hear how consumers act now and in the future due to climate change around Christmas time and should this affect are consumption somehow?

Otso Sillanaukee is a Bachelor of Business, author, zero waste blogger and speaker. His book, a practical guide to a more sustainable lifestyle “Zero Waste – jäähyväiset jätteille” was published in May 2018. He shares tips on making every day more sustainable on his blog and Instagram account @Nollahukka.


Amanda Pasanen is a Master’s student of Environmental Change and Global Sustainability and the Chair of the Federation of Green Youth and Students of Finland for the period of 2019 – 2020. As a future expert on sustainability science, Amanda is on a constant lookout for the best ways of building a more sustainable society.

Th.M. Mikko Kurenlahti is a doctoral student in the faculty of theology, department of the study of religion. Kurenlahti is interested in the relationship between religion and sustainable development and, for example, ecotheology. He has worked broadly among sustainability issues both in and out of academia. In his doctoral thesis he approaches consumerism as implicit religion in the age of global sustainability challenges.

Welcome to listen and discuss about the topic with our amazing panelist!