Group members

INAR education research group

Katja Lauri is a Research Director and Director of Masters programme in Atmospheric Sciences.

Taina Ruuskanen is a Univeristy Lecturer, Director of Bachelor programme in Physical Sciences and GLOBE Finland coordinator.

Laura Riuttanen is a University Lecturer in atmospheric sciences. She leads Climate University, project of 11 universities in Finland developing climate change and sustainability teaching in universities in Finland.

Mikko Äijälä is a post-doctoral researcher, currently coordinating Climate University.

Inkeri Kontro is a post-doctoral researcher in physics, whose research interests are in the development of expertise and knowledge in physics and laboratory courses. She is a member of the physics sub-project in the key project Älyoppi, and formerly led the Digital Leap of the BSc programme in Physical Sciences. 

Marianne Santala is meteorologist and designer. She is involved in content creation and development for online courses in Climate University project and coordination in the Digiloikka project of the Master’s Program in Atmospheric Sciences. (Absent for 2020.)

Joula Siponen is a PhD student studying climate competencies in the society. She is also a geophysicist with Arctic experience.

Janina Taurinen is a research assistant working with the Digital Leap and Climate University.


Former members:

PhD student: Pilvi Sihvonen

Civil cervant and trainee: Mikael Nummi (2020-2021).

Summer students: Mila Vehviläinen (2020), Mikael Karvinen (2019), Robin Wiksedt (2019), Sofia Santapukki (2019).