Our Research and Activities

On this page, we give an overview of our research and development activities. We include here news about conferences, publications, and projects we’re involved in.

Conference Reports

11th International Symposium on Bilgualism – Bilingualism, Multilingualism and the New Speaker,  Limerick, June 2017

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Projects and teaching development activities

The following teachers in the English unit have been granted reductions in their teaching to allow time for various research and teaching development projects:

Sandro Amendolara: The roles of meta-cognitive and meta-emotional subjectivity in sharing language learning in an autonomous context.

Fergal Bradley: Research on language advising and new speakerness as part of an international network of language advisors.

Deborah Clarke (PhD research): Promoting inclusive multilingualism in neoliberal higher education.

Leena Karlsson: “Rhyme and reason”, personal reflective writing as a method for English learning and inspiration for research writing.

Jonathon Martin & Michele Simeon: Themed project courses through blended learning.

Robert Moncrief (PhD research): Attitudes towards the use of demotic language in English.

Kari Pitkänen: Verb choice in academic student texts: the effect of corrections on the discourse, content perspective, focus and sentence structure.



Bradley & Karlsson. (2017). Parallel Journeys: Creating and Conceptualising Learning in Language Counselling. Learner Development 1: 94-113 (#ALMS)

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