Language Learning Ideas


Online dictionaries (some providing pronunciation):

Thesauruses:  /

Simple search of the British National Corpus:

The Academic Phrasebank developed at the University of Manchester is a general resource for academic writers. It aims to provide you with examples of some of the phraseological “nuts and bolts” of writing:


Tense use in academic writing: 

Use of the three main tenses in academic writing:

Online exercises on tense use:


Writing centres:

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL):

University of Toronto: Advice on academic writing:

LEO: The Write Place Catalogue:

 Academic Writing in English:

Online writing guides:

Andy Gillett, Using English for Academic Purposes: Academic Writing

UW-Madison Writer’s Handbook:

The Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Scientific Writing:

Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization: A Handbook for Technical Writers and Editors:


Online tools to correct your errors:

In addition to the spelling and grammar tools incorporated into your word processor, various free online tools can help you with error correction. Here are some examples:


See we try do so something of this kind?)


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