Doctoral dissertations since 2006

  • Riekki, Tapani (2014). Neuro-cognitive factors contributing to paranormal beliefs: core knowledge violations, cognitive inhibition, and the social brain. Link. E-mail: tapani.riekki(at) Doctoral defense: Tapani Riekki with the opponent Michiel van Elk (at the left) and the Custos Heikki Summala (in the middle).Tapanin väitös crop
  • Svedholm, Annika (2013). The cognitive basis of paranormal, superstitious, magical and supernatural beliefs : The roles of core knowledge, intuitive and reflective thinking, and cognitive inhibition. Link. E-mail: annika.svedholm(at) Doctoral defense: Annika Svedholm-Häkkinen with the opponent Will Gervais (at the left) and the Custos Jussi Saarinen (in the middle).Annika
  • Leikas, Sointu (2010). On the moderators of trait avoidance motivation in predicting cognitive biases and adjustment. Link. E-mail: sointu.leikas(at) Doctoral defense: Sointu Leikas with the opponent Jüri Allik (at the left) and the Custos Juhani Julkunen(in the middle).Sointu Leikas
  • Aarnio, Kia (2007). Paranormal, superstitious, magical, and religious beliefs. Link. E-mail: kia.aarnio(at) Doctoral defense: Kia Aarnio with the opponent Pekka Niemi (at the right) and the Custos Christina Krause (at the left).Kia
  • Saher, Marieke (2006). Everyday beliefs about food and health. Link. Doctoral defense: Marieke Saher with the opponent Timo Kaitaro (in the middle) and the Custos (Christina Krause (at the right).Marieke