Human intelligence is based on language and cognition. Intelligent interaction with machines and human-like reasoning require language processing. Language and speech technology as well as cognitive science provide the essential models for proper language understanding and generation at the core of AI.

The purpose of the special interest group on Language, Speech and Cognition (FCAI-SIG-LSC) is to build a platform for discussing advances in natural language processing in relation to human cognition and the development of artificial intelligence.

FCAI-SIG-LSC will address topics that study and develop the ability of machines to communicate with humans and understand human-to-human communication, to perform complex reasoning and to learn from spoken interaction and linguistic data.

The goals of FCAI-SIG-LSC are

  • to organize events that focus on the connections between language technology, cognitive science and AI development
  • to support collaborations between the commercial sector and academic research institutes in the development of language
    and speech technology
  • to provide a platform for discussing the impact of natural language processing and AI on the society to establish a research programme on language, speech and cognition under the umbrella of FCAI

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