The SIG welcomes members to join our activities. There are no costs and obligations. There is no strict membership requirement and we do not have a static list of members but here are links to initial members of the SIG in alphabetical order:

You can simply join the SIG by joining our e-mail list by sending a plain-text message to with the following text in the body of your e-mail:

subscribe fcai-sig-lsc

Relevant research related to the topics of this SIG is done in Finland in various research groups, including:

  • Helsinki-NLP: The Language Technology research group at the University of Helsinki
  • Turku-NLP: The NLP research group at University of Turku
  • The Speech Recognition research group at Aalto University
  • Phonetics and Speech Synthesis at the University of Helsinki
  • L.A.R.P.: Language Acquisition, Representation, and Processing research group at the University of Helsinki
  • Discovery research groupwith a focus on computational creativity and data mining at the University of Helsinki
  • CBIR: The Content-Based Image and Information Retrieval group
  • HSCI: Human-Sciences Computing and interaction at the University of Helsinki
  • SeCo: Semantic Computing research group at Aalto University
  • FIN-CLARIN: The language bank of Finland