The Fenno-Ugrica Site Opened – Just Another Blog?

The other day, my colleagues put me to the test and they started to put pressure on me with various questions related to my intentions to set up a blog for our digitization project. They kept on asking, whether I really had considered the scope of the blog? They wanted to know who would be the audience and who would produce the entries? Or, will the messages be aligned with the communication plan of the native organization etc.? And some have frankly asked whether this was going be just another dull blog for another dull project? I have to admit their scepticism was more than justified, but I am tempted to go against all the odds and shout: NAY, we gotta think differently this time!

This attitude, quite naturally, leads to another question, and one might ask what is the difference between this blog and the other project/library/digitization blogs in the first place? I am pleased to declare that Fenno-Ugrica will at least be:

  • a project diary,
  • an information channel for non-Finnish speakers on the project,
  • a site, where we can show what’s going on with the dev team,
  • an arena for my colleagues to present their own views on the project,
  • an opportunity to discuss with researchers,
  • a chance for our partners to share their opinions and views on co-operation with us…

… and loads more.

Whatever this blog turns out to be and however you are going to define it, the Fenno-Ugrica blog will certainly be unconventional with the fact that its voices across the traditional lines between the organizations, producers, developers, users, professionals and laymen. The major purpose of this blog is to communicate with all the people who are involved with the project, not only tell what we are doing, but also how we are doing it. Together.

That is the difference in this blog.

Yours &c.,
Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen
Project Manager

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