Udmurt material available in Uralica

Despite the fact that we are still constructing our hub of digitized material in Uralic languages, we have managed to add some new links of the digitized material onto Uralica Hub. The latest arrivals do come from the Digital Library of the National Library of Udmurtia and they consist of 128 monographs in Udmurt and Russian languages.

The addition of Udmurt literature onto Uralica is an important step in co-operation with the libraries in Russian Federation that possess digitized publications in Uralic languages. With the Uralica project, the Digitization Project of Kindred Languages at the National Library of Finland attempts to create closer contacts with these libraries in order to make their digital material more visible for different user groups.

Digitized material and material submitted by cooperating organisations will be made available through the publication system maintained by the National Library of Finland, based on the open source VuFind software. The publication system environment also promotes the accessibility and use of the digitized material internationally, among both the international academic community and speakers of Finno-Ugrian languages. The VuFind user interface will also be available in Russian. Additional language versions may be published in cooperation with the national libraries. To enhance communications and publicity, an easily recognizable visual style (will be implemented soon!) will be designed for the publication system. In this way the publication system complies with the target of advancing a culture of openness and interaction.

Publishing the material through the VuFind software also makes searching for content easier. The material in the project will be provided for open access also through Finna, the public interface of the National Digital Library and equivalent international search services, such as Europeana. The materials will also be searchable through Google and other common search engines.

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