Digitization Project of Kindred Languages goes Helsinki Book Fair 2015

Digitization Project of Kindred Languages will be present at the Helsinki Book Fair 2015 this autumn. The Book Fair will take place between the 22nd and 25th of October at the Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki.

Why are we entering to the event this year? Well, the Book Fair has a tradition of theme countries and this year it happens to be our neighboring Russia. In our opinion, this gives us a great chance to showcase our project for wider audiences and do our work in the field of Uralic languages more visible. Therefore we have joined our powers with the Slavonic Library at the National Library of Finland and our exhibition area will be focused on our resources for supporting the study of Russia across the time, language and space.

The other reason for being present at the Book Fair is the fact that there are a plenty of research activities and collaboration that goes beyond the border line, political tendencies and language barriers. This is the reason why we wanted to host two different panel discussions in the course of the Book Fair. The first one, Researchers without borders, will dig into deep to transnational co-operation in humanities. In this panel, six researchers from Russia and Finland will discuss the status of contemporary collaboration in the fields of literature studies, history and computational linguistics in Uralic languages. The second panel, How Russia can be researched in Finland?, is also hosted by the National Library of Finland, and this panel is attempting to map the current preconditions of Russia studies in Finland.

In addition to these panel discussions, the National Library of Finland will host several researcher interviews in our own exhibition area during the Book Fair. The final programme will be launched later at this site and elsewhere in prior to the event, but I can promise that there are many opportunities to discover what is going on in this research field in relation to the broad area of studies on Russia in humanities in October.

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