Releasing the Komi newspapers at Fenno-Ugrica

Last year, we released a plenty of monographs in Komi languages in our online collection, Fenno-Ugrica. In addition to the monographs, we also are publishing newspapers in both, Komi-Permyak and Komi-Zyrian. All in all, there will be 23 titles and around 40 000 pages of Komi newspapers in our collection by the end of June 2015.

Regionalism does matter here. In order to observe the development of Komi languages, we have paid a special attention to the newspapers which were published outside of Syktyvkar, the capital of Komi Republic. For instance, among the released newspapers, there are newspapers like Lenin tui vyl√∂t, Tom bolshevik and Traktor, which were published in Kudymkar and are dated from the beginning of 1930s to the beginning of 1940s. In addition to the Kudymkar prints, there will be a rather extensive variety of regional newspapers from Vylgort, Izhma, Letka, Koslan, Ust’-Usa and Ust-Kulom etc. in Fenno-Ugrica later this spring.

The peculiarities of the composing collection include the interesting point of the changes alphabetic system of Komi in 1938, when suddenly even the titles of newspapers were changed getting more Cyrillic. The particularity of contains of Soviet newspapers can also make an impression on non-prepared reader because of their concentration mainly on the regional industry and agriculture plan, Stakhanovities (men and women), on publishing speeches of governmental leaders etc. In Komi language instead one may notice a great amount of Russian loanwords and grammatical mistakes in using of Komi particular.

These newspapers may serve as the inexhaustible source as for cultural as linguistical research, as well as for regional studies of Komi Republic in the 1930s. The availability of all titles of Komi newspapers will be communicated as soon as we have cataloged the remaining titles onto Fenno-Ugrica collection.

Sincerely yours,

Viktoria Kurkina

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