Early Publications of Finno-Ugrian Society and Finnish Antiquarian Society have been released in Fenno-Ugrica

The National Library of Finland has released the early publications of two learned societies at the Fenno-Ugrica collection. The release consist of 130 monograph and journal titles of Finno-Ugrian Society and 64 from the Finnish Antiquarian Society.

The batch includes the material from the following series:

Finnish Antiquarian Society

  • Suomen Muinaismuistoyhdistyksen Aikakauskirja
  • Kansatieteellinen Arkisto
  • Suomen Museo – Finskt Museum

Finno-Ugrian Society

  • Apuneuvoja suomalais-ugrilaisten kielten opintoja varten
  • Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Toimituksia
  • Lexica Societatis Fenno-Ugricae
  • Kansatieteellisiä julkaisuja
  • Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen. Zeitschrift für finnisch-ugrische Sprach- und Volkskunde.

For additional information, please, read the press release in Finnish here.

Reinholm’s Romani Word List Deciphered

During the ongoing summer, the staff of Minority Languages Project at the National Library of Finland has been fully employed in making the digitized items more available and usable for the public. One of the tasks has been the transcription of Romani word list of Henrik August Reinholm from the 19th century. The transcription is now openly available at the Fenno-Ugrica collection.

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Fenno-Ugrica Content Available in a New Platform – Korp

Since the very beginning of the Digitization Project of Kindred Languages, our objective has been the securing the wider-than-usual availability of new corpora, which do base to the digitized material. Our primary intention has to spread the Fenno-Ugrica data to such tools and environments, which are made available for both, the academic and the language communities.

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We are getting there

In 2015, our mission has been the improvement of the usage and usability of digitized content. During the project, we have advanced methods that will refine the raw data for further use, especially in the linguistic research. Finally, we have reached the stage, in which we may start producing the word lists out of digitized and edited content and we have now released some word lists (arranged by frequency and “all hits”) in 12 languages in Fenno-Ugrica.

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