Fenno-Ugrica Content Available in a New Platform – Korp

Since the very beginning of the Digitization Project of Kindred Languages, our objective has been the securing the wider-than-usual availability of new corpora, which do base to the digitized material. Our primary intention has to spread the Fenno-Ugrica data to such tools and environments, which are made available for both, the academic and the language communities.

Earlier this autumn, we released the edited word lists in Fenno-Ugrica for end-users’ benefit. These word lists were generated from the edited and proofread works in various Uralic languages and they should be treated as samples on our collection. The edited and proofread content of our Fenno-Ugrica collection has now been made available at Korp too. Korp is the concordance search tool of Språkbanken (The Swedish Language Bank), adapted to the Language Bank of Finland. Through this release, researchers will gain access to corpora, which they have not been able to study before and to which all users will have open access regardless of their place of residence.

A brief introduction to exploration of the Fenno-Ugrica content in Korp.

  1. Go to Korp website at https://korp.csc.fi and choose Muut kielet / Andra språk / Other languages from the top banner of the page.
  2. Select Fenno-Ugrica corpora from the drop-down menu
  3. Choose the language you desire.
  4. Type in a search term / word in a dialog. You may use either simple, extended or advanced search here.
  5. Hit the Search button
  6. And get the results
  7. Click on the sentence you want to study more closely.
  8. Look at metadata on the right-hand banner and hit the undefined link
  9. Study the broader context of the word in Revizor.

Note, in order to explore the broader context of the word in Revizor, one must be logged in as a user. The needed credentials will be distributed by request. Mail to kk-fennougrica@helsinki.fi and send your request for the access.

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