Monographs from the Fenno-Ugrica collection now available through the National Library’s Finna

Monographs written in the Uralic languages and digitised by the National Library will be available through the National Library’s Finna search portal as of this Wednesday.

Funded by the Kone Foundation, the Digitization Project of Kindred Languages has digitised and made available to researchers and the general public previously difficult-to-access materials from small language groups.

The material digitised in the project has now been published in the National Library’s Fenno-Ugrica collection. Bringing the material to the Finna search portal further extends its potential use. In Finna, the material is easily searchable, and browsing the collection is easy and enjoyable.

All in all, Fenno-Ugrica comprises approximately 1,100 monographs and 100 newspaper titles totalling more than 200,000 pages. At this initial stage, the monograph material has now been exported to the National Library’s Finna.

The collection is of great significance in terms of cultural history and covers 18 different linguistic relatives of Finnish. The digitised material features the following language groups:

Mordvin languages (Erzya and Moksha)
Permic languages (Udmurt, Komi-Permyak and Komi-Zyryan)
Mari languages (Meadow and Hill Mari)
Samoyedic languages (Selkup and Nenets)
Ob-Ugrian languages (Khanty and Mansi)
Baltic Finnic languages (Karelian, Veps and Ingrian)
Sami languages (Skolt Sami)

The material is available through the National Library’s Finna.

More Information:
Project manager
Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen
The National Library of Finland
tel. +358 2941 40793

The Digitization Project of Kindred Languages will be featured during the Helsinki Book Fair at the National Library’s booth 6e71.

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