The Final Rip-Off

Today, we have released the ultimately final set of materials in the course of Minority Languages Project. There are now three more journals from Komi (Udarnik, Kultura front and Vyԉ voјvyv) and three journals from Udmurtia (Proletаr kylburet udysyn, Piči demenči and Kuzʹyli) at the Fenno-Ugrica collection.































In addition to these literary and cultural journals from the 1930’s, we have released the datasets of Northern Sami newspapers for the public. The datasets do contain the .CSV, .TIFF, .TXT and AltoXML files of each scanned and OCR’d page of Låkkåmus Samita, Muitalægje, Nuorttanaste, Sami Usteb and Saǥai Muittalægje. We do sincerely hope that the datasets will be beneficial for those, who are working in computing linguistics, Sami studies, languages revival projects etc. Please, feel free to use them – it would make us happy!

Our project is about to terminate at the end of December 2016 as we didn’t manage to get additional funding for the years to come. Despite the fact that the project staff feel themselves as disappointed now, we are fully aware that our work has not been futile. Five years with this project have gone fast and we know that we have a great job to open up more than 30 000 documents in 18 Uralic languages for the both of our target communities, the researchers and the great audience. Up to date, there have been close to 850 000 downloads from the Fenno-Ugrica collection. The high number of usage does indicate that the end-users have found our service as useful. Thank you for using the material and I hope you will make a plenty of surprising discoveries from our collection in the future too.

Yours &c.,
Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen
Project Manager

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