54 Monographs in Udmurt are Released at Fenno-Ugrica

The project has proceeded with the addition of 54 monographs in Udmurt languages onto Fenno-Ugrica. The main part of these items in Udmurt consists of religion, ABC-, grammar, text and orthography books for the elementary school and the adult education. Many of these monographs were published during the campaign of Likbez (likvidatsiya bezgramotnosti, ликвидация безграмотности, elimination of illiteracy) with which the Soviet sovereigns targeted to distribute at least the basic education to the masses.

The specialties of this collection are the presence of the bilingual dictionaries and the school books of the Udmurtian literature. Few of the monographs are written by researchers and they discuss the problems in grammatic aspects of Udmurt. There are also books written on the alphabet created in the end of 19th century by Nikolay Ilminsky.  This collection may benefit anyone, who is interested in the first publications in Udmurt, in the history of this language and its later evolution.

For further information contact us by e-mail : kk-fennougrica@helsinki.fi


Victoria Kurkina & Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen

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