A variety of monographs in Komi languages is issued at Fenno-Ugrica

This recently added collection of Fenno-Ugrica consists of 57 monographs in Komi-Permyak and of 89 in Komi-Zyrian. Komi-Zyrian is the largest language of the area and so there are more monographs in this language represented at the collection.

The users of the monographs in Komi may pay attention to the writing system of these two languages. The books in Komi from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century are written in the Russian old alphabet. During the 1920s and 1930s different alphabets were in use. Komi-Permyak monographs were mostly published in the Latin alphabet and Komi-Zyrian publishers preferred the Molodtsov alphabet which had been derived from Cyrillic. Nevertheless the usage of both alphabets is also possible within publications in these languages.

The collection contains mostly the books on agriculture topics: livestock farming, crop farming and agriculture machines. There are also monographs on diseases and their treatment, anti-religion agitation and some, mostly translated from Russian, children´s book. In this collection, one may find school books which were published during Likbez campaign (likvidatsiya bezgramotnosti, ликвидация безграмотности, the elimination of illiteracy) within which the basic school education was distributed to children and adults. Materials of this period may be interesting not only with their language part but also with their general contents and give to the reader a lot of information about the living of the society of this period.

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