CIFU XII, Days 4-5

It happens pretty often towards the end of conferences: the fatigue in writing the blog posts does strike. The unavoidable phenomenon did hit me this time as well, but I hope I was good enough to combine the fourth and the fifth day of the 12th International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies in one entry.

I spent the most of my time in day 4 and 5 listening the presentations of symposium Nr 13, Personal name systems in Finnic and beyond, organized by Terhi Ainiala. The personal and place names are interesting for many reasons, but maybe somewhat neglected research approach within our organization, the National Library of Finland, even though we do play around a plenty with the name entities. Of course, in NLF’s context the name entities are treated in the context of metadata management etc., but nonetheless, there could be some aligning areas where we could provide material for linguistic research made on names.

How the National Library of Finland could support this vast area of linguistic research in Finno-Ugric? When it comes to the studies on historical place and person names, naturally, the oldest maps and prints that includes the source material for this sort of research. Books on baptism, taxation, landowning, birth records etc. would perfectly serve their purpose in this sort of research. Maybe we will do them in the future bearing this field of research in mind too?

Thanks for all the participants. It was my pleasure to meet the old fellows and get familiar with new ones. It seems to me that there’s a plenty of shared goals between the researchers and the memory institutions.

On my way homebound,



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