Everything’s Available Online

The Digitization Project of Kindred Languages has reached a milestone that we all have been anticipating for a long time: all digitized content is now available online at the Fenno-Ugrica collection.

During the Digitization Project of Kindred Languages (Pilot Phase, 2012-2013; Follow-Up Project 2014-2015, funded by Kone Foundation,) the National Library of Finland has published close to 25 000 items, containing 1129 monographs and 23366 newspapers issues in 17 Uralic languages and provided an open access to the rare content through Fenno-Ugrica.

Despite the fact that we have now reached the long-awaited milestone, our work is far from end. All digitized items are so far available in a PDF format, but during this spring term, we will release the XML files and TIFF pictures as well out of all monographs available in Fenno-Ugrica. In addition to that, some political literature from Komi Republic from the 1930’s will be made available during March and as of April 2016, we will start cataloguing and publishing the material that have been digitized in the course of the Minority Languages Project. Check this site for updates.

Yours &c.,
Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen

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