RC 19

Research committee 19 ‘Gender politics and policy’

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RC 19 will organize an inter-conference meeting on

The potentials and limits of Nordic equality politics in times of globalisation and change

 Helsinki, Finland,  12-14 December 2013

The meeting is part of a joint conference “Perspectives on political science and gender”, organized by International Political Science Association (IPSA), IPSA research committees 19 (Gender Politics and Policy) and 33 (the Study of Political Science as a Discipline), Nordic Political Science Association (NOPSA) and Finnish Political Science Association (FPSA). The Conference is organized in conjunction with the IPSA Executive Committee Meeting in Helsinki. The Nordic Political Science Association and the Finnish Political Science Association will also organize events during the Conference.

Theme: The Nordic Countries have for a long time been considered as model countries when it comes to gender equality, a high representation of women in politics and ‘women-friendly’ policies enabling a dual bread-winner/career model for both sexes. The aim of this meeting is to provide a forum for a critical analysis of the situation and future prospects in the Nordic contexts today, in the framework of global economies, increasing migration and multi-culturalism in Nordic societies as well as the rise of support for populist, often anti-immigration and anti-equality parties. Invited speakers and participants include top feminist scholars in this field. The organisers welcome paper proposals to all the planned workshop sessions on this theme.

Deadline for paper proposals is 15.10.2013.  Abstracts should be sent to Anne Maria Holli (anne.holli@helsinki.fi)


Bergqvist & Bjarnegård & Zetterberg


Hart & Hoppania


Lefkofridi & Giger & Holli


Midtbøen & Teigen


Stoltz & Siim