The afternoon programme

Dear participants,

We have outlined the program for the afternoon sessions. Please let me know if:

a) you are presenting and are not on the list

b) If you are on the list, but have decided not to present

c) if you’d like to change your presentation time

Thursday and Friday afternoon sessions:



14.30-14.50   Savola, Pekka: Proportionality of Website Blocking for Copyright Enforcement

14.50-15.10   Losey, James: Networked Entrepreneurship: How the Locus of Control of Networked Communications Impacts Social Movements

15.10-15.30   Glowacka, Dorota: The balancing of freedom of expression and ‘the right to be forgotten’ on the Internet in the jurisprudence of European courts

15.30-16.00   Break

16.00-16.20   Peled, Roy: Guarding the Guardians? A Case for Freedom of Media Information

16.20-16.40   Milosavljevic, Marko: (New) Definitions of Journalists or/and Journalism

16.40-17.00   Snel, Johan: Freedom of Expression and the Media: A Case-Study from The Netherlands

G2, Main Building, AUD III, (Unioninkatu 34, 2nd floor)

14.30-14.50   Löytömäki, Stiina: The ECtHR and Limits on Freedom of Speech concerning historical discourse

14.50-15.10   Gliszczynska-Grabias, Alexandra and Bychawska-Siniarska, Dominika: Nazi songs, books and fascist insignia on sale: Case study of Allegro in Poland

15.10-15.30   Kantola, Matleena: Right to hate speech?

15.30-15.50   Kruglikova, Olga: Freedom of expression in Russian press: historical aspect.

15.50-16.00   Break

16.00-16.20   Lameiras de So, Mariana: Self-regulation in Portugal

16.20-16.40   Ivanov, Konstantin: Freedom of expression & modern competition law

16.40-17.00   Cendic, Kristina: Defamation in Bosnia and Herzegovina



13.00-13.20   Pirkova, Eliska: Does to share still mean to care? Ethnic minorities as a target of online hatred

13.20-13.40   Borberg, Vibeke: The Use of Hidden Camera in the Media
– A Clash of Conflicting Rights

13.40-14.00   Mendez Powell, Fernando: Terrestrial Broadcasting is Still Relevant – The State Obligation to Guarantee Spectrum for Broadcasting

14.00-14.20   Minashvili, Ketino: Censorship of artistic expression: obscenity and blasphemy

14.20-14.40   Coffee

14.40-15.00   Kuutti, Heikki: Information access encounters several obstacles in Finland

15.00-15.20   Erne, Jaanika: Discourses on Truth and Censorship in Plato’s Politeia Compared with Today’s Internet Regulation

15.20-15.40   Callender Smith, Robin: The Protection from Harassment Act 1997: From Anti-Stalking Crimes to Celebrity Privacy Remedies

15.40-16.00   Skolkay, Andrej: Media Policy for a New Media Environment: The Approaches of International Organisations and the EU Towards the Regulation of New Online Media Services

G2, Main Building, AUD III, (Unioninkatu 34, 2nd floor)

13.00-13.20   Ollila, Riitta: The defence of truth and freedom of expression

13.20-13.40   Nieminen, Kati: The Personal is Political – Freedom of Thought and/or Freedom of Expression in the Case law of the European Court of Human Rights

13.40-14.00   Duh, Emmanuel: The Impracticability of Press Freedom in Transitional Societies

14.00-14.20   Lams, Lut: Hegemony and resistance in the Chinese context

14.20-15.00   Coffee

15.00-15.20   Madu, Robert: Citizen journalism and Protest Movements: Challenges for Freedom of Expression: Searchlight on Ukraine

15.20-15.40   Joseph, Sarah: Free Speech Down Under

15.40-16.00   Andguladze, Mamuka: The Perspective of a Far-Reaching Effect of the Non-Compulsory Journalistic Standards


The locations have been confirmed

Thanks to the huge number of participiants, we have moved the premises of the seminar. Please find the new locations listed below:
Thursday 8.5.2014
8.30-14.30 PIII, Yliopistonkatu 3.
Group 1:
14.30-16.00 PIII
16.00-17.00 PII, Yliopistonkatu 3.
Group 2:
14.00-17.00 Päärakennus (Main Building) AUD III, Unioninkatu 34, 2nd floor.
Friday 9.5.2014
9.00-13.00 PII
Group 1:
13.00-16.00 PII
Group 2:
13.00-16.00 Päärakennus (Main Building) AUD III
Both groups (final discussion):
16.00-16.30 PII

The registration time for the seminar is up

We are happy to inform that we have received over 80 registrations and the seminar is now full. We ask all participiants to please let us know if, for some reason you cannot make it so we can offer your spot to someone else. If you haven’t registered but are still interested in participating you can send an inquiry to the address:

We will move the seminar to new premises since, now that we have so many participiants, the current location may be too small. Please follow the blog for further information. We will also update the program as soon as the new location has been settled.


Kind regards,


Dear participants,

We are pleased to tell you that we got many interesting abstracts of very good quality for our Freedom of Expression Conference on May 8-9th. Therefore we decided to construct two parallel sessions on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Some of you have wished to give your presentations on a certain day and we will take these wishes into consideration.

The deadline to submit your papers and/or Ppt slides is 25 April 2014 as already mentioned in the CfP. There is no page limit to the papers, but obviously if you write in more detail, your feedback is also more detailed. On the other hand, as there are quite many presentations, the participants might not have time to read very long papers.

Please send your papers to We will publish them in the blog so that all participants can view and print them before the conference. Please note that we will not be handing print-outs of the participants’ presentations and papers, so be sure to download them or print them in advance if you like. We will however hand out copies of the keynote speakers’ slides.

We will publish a more detailed program when we have got all the papers. The amount of presentations is about 30 and the estimated time for each presentation is 20 minutes (12 minutes presentation and 8 minutes for questions and discussion).

Also please note, that if you want to take part in the excursion to the Finnish public service broadcasting company YLE, you need to register separately under:

Please follow the Blog site for further information.

Currently there is one change in the program. Instead of the president of Finnish Supreme Court Koskelo, the comment speaker on Friday will be associate professor Bjørnar Borvik (University of Bergen), who wrote his doctoral thesis about freedom of expression and right to private life. Borvik will make a speech about how the European Convention of Human Rights and the practice of the European Court of Human Rights has affected the Norwegian jurisprudence.

Lastly, we ask that you kindly cancel your registration if for some reason you cannot participate in the seminar. In this way we can offer your place to someone else.

We look forward to seeing you in Helsinki,


Päivi Tiilikka & Jenna Mäkinen