Gendering Parliamentary Diplomacy in EU27-UK Relations (GenParlDip) is an academic research project funded by the Finnish Research Council (Academy Fellow Grant 2023-2027) and is based at the Centre for European Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to study parliamentary diplomacy from a gender perspective. This means studying questions such as: how do parliamentary and political actors interpret their role in external relations, what practices do they use to build international relationships? What are the outcomes of parliamentary diplomacy? Are any of the above affected by gender, or other demographic or background characteristics?

Ultimately, this research may be presented as conferences papers, or published academic books and journal articles.

Data collection

The research data involves public documents, such as parliamentary rules of procedure; video analysis; interviews with parliamentary and political actors and staff;  and observation of public events and public meetings. Observation is also undertaken in some closed meetings, under conditions of confidentiality and anonymity for participants,  if permission is granted. 

Benefits of the study

The benefits of the research are for the society to better understand how parliamentary diplomacy is potentially shaped by gender relations and the relationship between parliamentary diplomacy and democracy. If there are inequalities relating to gender, they can be addressed as a result of this study.