Call for Abstracts


Deadline for abstracts extended: you now have until January 25th, 2018, to submit a abstract for this conference!

Today we live in a world in which states, social groups and individuals are becoming increasingly integrated into networks that span the globe. Yet, at the same time we are also witnessing a greater fragmentation in which some actors respond to globalisation by withdrawing from global networks, retreating into the perceived security of nation-states, ethnic groups or local communities. This tension is nothing new, but in a world of recurrent economic crises, terrorist attacks and increasing political conflicts, the need for a global sociological imagination appears pressing.

Reflecting these times, we call for abstracts that focus upon social and political phenomena that extend beyond the borders of the nation/state/society and address their impact on the lived experiences of social groups and ordinary individuals. In particular, we welcome sociological contributions that seek to generate multi-scalar understandings of complex social phenomena that move between the levels of the individual, local, national, transnational, and global. Please refer to our list of workshops for more details.

Please send your abstract to by January 25th, 2018 indicating the workshop in which you would like to participate. Should you have any questions regarding this mid-term conference, please email the organisers at the address above.

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