Conference Dinner

On Friday April 20th the Local Organising Committee has organised a conference dinner which will take place at Ravintola Messenius, a charming and traditional Finnish restaurant in the Töölö district of central Helsinki. Messenius has a long history, having opened in 1937. Amongst its patrons over the years, the famous Finnish directors, Aki and Mika Kaurismäki used Messenius as their “headquarters”, the caterer for their on-set filming and as a shooting location.

This dinner will be an excellent conclusion to our Helsinki Midterm Conference during which time we may get to know one another in a relaxed environment.

The fee for this conference dinner is €50.00 (inclusive of VAT). This is a rather good price for a three-course meal and drinks at a restaurant in central Helsinki.

By Sblöbö - Oma teos, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The set menu for our dinner is a choice of the following options:

+++1. Sea buckthorn marinated whitefish with cumin flavoured carrots
+++2. Eggplant-tomato tower with peanut sauce (vegan)

Main Course
+++1. Grilled fillet of lamb with garlic sauce and roasted curry vegetables and potatoes
+++2. Fried perch with lobster sauce and steamed vegetables
+++3. Dahl lentil stew with fried tofu and green peans (vegan)

+++1. Rava Cake by Yaska (vegan)
+++2. Chocolate Mousse

In addition to the following three-course meal, each person will receive of the two drinks included in the price of the meal:
+++1. House red wine
+++2. House white wine
+++3. Beer
+++4. Non-alcoholic beverage (i.e. soft drinks)

Should you wish, you may purchase more drinks from the restaurant at your own cost.

If you wish to attend the conference dinner, you may purchase a ticket when registering for the conference.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a place at the conference dinner if you do not sign up and pay the fee when registering your conference attendance.