This project integrates questions and answers that we already have from individual disciplines to strengthen the foundations for understanding global change processes. We do this by describing change events across multiple domains, borrowing tools for understanding and predicting change from one system to another and combining theoretical analysis with computational simulations to better understand the processes that determine the lifespan of complex natural and social systems. This understanding of change could help us to influence the course of events and their consequences in a variety of domains.

In addition to quantitative research and scientific discussion, the project aims at fostering equal research collaboration between arts and sciences to aid recognition and develop language to talk about these influential but sometimes hard-to-grasp patterns of evolutionary processes. Just like we need metaphors like the tree of descendance both in biology and linguistics, networks and waves to be able to talk about the interconnectedness of entities in space and time, we need artistic processing of complex system patterns to give them a chance to affect our world-view. Within the scope of the project we organize events for artists and scientists and workshops for art and science students to work together in building in-depth understanding of the shape, nature and meaning of change in complex systems.