Project Principal Investigators

  • Indrė Žliobaitė [project leader] ​Associate Professor, Life Science informatics. Dept. of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. Fields: computer science, evolutionary palaeontology.
  • Mirva Peltoniemi, Senior Researcher in Technology Management, University of Jyväskylä. Fields: Technological change, industry evolution.
  • Silva Nurmio,​ Academy Research Fellow in linguistics. Department of Languages, University of Helsinki. Fields: historical linguistics, linguistic typology.
  • Antti Laaksonen,​ University Lecturer, University of Helsinki. Computer Science & Musicology, Department of Computer Science.
  • Leo Lahti​, Associate Professor. Department of Computing, University of Turku. Fields: data science, statistical ecology, computational humanities
  • Björn Kröger,​ Curator of Palaeontology, Finnish Museum of Natural History
  • Aura Raulo, Postdoctoral researcher. Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK and Department of Computing , University of Turku. Fields: ecology and Evolutionary biology.
  • Carlos Lamuela Orta, Doctoral Researcher in Interdisciplinary Urban Design. Environmental Policy Research Group, University of Helsinki. Fields: urban studies, mobility.
  • Alexis Rojas​, Postdoctoral researcher. Dept. of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. Fields: geology, paleobiology, and network science.

Advisory Board

  • Vasilis Dakos, Researcher in Complex systems, Montpellier, France
  • Mikael Fortelius, Professor Emeritus, Finnish Museum of Natural History
  • Riho Grünthal, Professor of Fino-Ugric Languages, University of Helsinki
  • Teppo Hiltunen, Associate Professor in Microbiology, University of Turku
  • Jukka Jernvall, Academy Professor, Evolutionary Biology, University of Helsinki
  • Päivi Onkamo, Professor of Physiology and Genetics, University of Turku
  • Mikko Tolonen, Associate Professor in Digital Humanities, University of Helsinki
  • Esko Ukkonen, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, University of Helsinki