Welcome to HeGRiC!

HeGRiC stands for Helsinki Game Research Collective and is a group of cross-disciplinary scholars based at the University of Helsinki. Our aim is to fruitfully pursue the study the intersection of games and the humanities. The HeGRiC researchers represent a variety of disciplines, completely in line with our goal to treat games – digital, social, as well as analogue – as dynamic products of cross-disciplinary interest to the humanities.

The HeGRiC group is currently focused on two scholarly quests:

  • The game studies and historical culture research seminar, led by Dr Derek Fewster. The seminar meets approximately once per month to enjoy guest lectures, research papers and scholarly discussion on the topic of games and the humanities. See the research seminar page for more details.
  • Imagining the Nordic – approaches to regionality in video games is a series of research papers focused on discussing the Nordics as represented in games, as well as a regional hub for game-making. This work will be presented as a panel at DiGRA 2020.

If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to write any of the below listed HeGRiC members. Detailed presentations coming soon.


Derek Fewster

Lysiane Lasausse

Heidi Rautalahti

Noemi Lemieux

Ylva Grufstedt