Game studies and research seminar

Spring 2021
Wednesdays at 16.15 – 18.

3.03.21 Book club: Alex Gekker – Against Game Studies.

24.03.21 Book club: Strange Narrators in Contemporary Fiction: Explorations in Readers’ Engagement with Characters. 

19.05.21 NB! 16.00 Jeremiah McCall: Agents and Obstacles: Video Games as Historical Problem Spaces Please register by clicking HERE.


Autumn 2020
nesdays at 17.15-19

9.9.20      Reading circle. Ian Bogost: Playing Politics: Videogames for Politics, Activism, and Advocacy.

14.10.20     Jakob Lindström: Conference paper presentation.

21.10.20     HeGRIC article presentation.

4.11.20     Rikke Toft Nörgård,  IGNITE: “We are currently in the finishing stages of this project: where I am leading the development of the gamedesign/gamejam module thinking about how we can support students in developing games in new contexts, across disciplines and with new purposes – as well as how gamedesign and gamejams can be used as a way of teaching and learning in higher education”

17.11.20    Lysiane Lasausse & Derek Fewster: Viking themed presentartion.

Seminars on Zoom unless otherwise stated. More to be announced.


Past events:

Autumn 2019
nesdays at 16.15-18

16.8.19     Derek Fewster’s Fallout paper & Fallout board game session

11.9.19     Topelia A219    Noemie Lemieux: Research Proposal

2.10.19     Topelia A219   Olli Heiniö

13.11.19   DIGRA-group meeting for those presenting in Tampere 2020 (not A219)

27.11.19   Robert Houghton via Skype at Oodi City Library.

4.12.19    Topelia A219    Jakob Lindström: Mythic discourses in a digital world – Transhumanism and cultural history in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

11.12.19    Open programme


Spring 2019
nesdays at 16.15-18

20.02.19    Topelia A206   Founding meeting

13.03.19     Topelia A206    Noemie Lemieux

17.04.19     Topelia A206   Johanna Enquist (Term bank) & Lysiane Lausasse

15.05.19    Topelia A206    Heidi Rautalahti

29.05.19    Topelia A206    Ylva Grufstedt: Studying games and their game designers. Notes on the nature of interplay between materials

12.06.19       Tampere visit  Game Museum and the Vampire-exhibition in Vapriikki