Been there & done that on 24th May

Due to his last minute business trip, we failed to get Harri Rautio on stage. Sometimes failure is not bad at all; Harri is replaced by Mr. Nomo Jeans, Jussi Mononen who will share his thoughts on failure with us!

The flip side of entrepreneurship is failure: more growth companies fail than succeed. But you should not — nay, you must not — fear failure. Failure is not the end of the world but a learning experience and often a necessary step in your path as an entrepreneur.

You should aim for success, but not be afraid to fail. Successful companies are built upon a drive to succeed, not an attempt to avoid failure.

Jussi Mononen is a boring middle-aged engineer. He has lead, advised, and
helped fund several growth companies over the past 20 years. He has some
successes (such as Ekahau) under his belt but he has also seen his share
of failures (VDSL Systems). His latest venture is NOMO Jeans which he
thinks will be a huge success.

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