Life is full of surprises!

At the start of th66445_10151392258794002_504920627_ne year I was learning how to make chicken curry in an Indian restaurant in Uganda. I thought life could not get much better than this: open-minded people were giving me interviews for my thesis and at the same time I was taught how to make delicious food.

Then I came back to Finland and thought life would get somewhat unsurprising for the rest of the year. Little did I know.

525188_542516285792404_1156428392_nBy a coincidence I happened to find out that Helsinki Think Company was going to be opened. I welcomed the thought of having a networking and co-creation space at the university and did not have to think twice when I heard they were looking for hosts to run the place.

During the year I have learned, and I think Ella and Katja will agree on this, some very basic things about communication and building networks – and well, life in general. (I am pass caring about how full of cliché’s I might sound).


You have a lot to learn from others


ASK QUEST1175091_605841192793246_352720679_nIONS AND GIVE COMMENTS

People appreciate your interest and like to share their stories and sharpen their point






htc18Tell what ideas and dreams you have – no matter how silly or unfinished they may seem to you. By sharing you will get feedback from others and that may prove to be vital.




554509_613099735400725_705853881_nTEAM UP

Tell your friends and connections what you are planning to do. If it’s close enough to their own interests they will most likely come along.

In the end everyone has ideas but the team is what makes them work.



Trust me, it can be really refreshing and you learn a lot along the way.

1238060_155881937943801_1640408576_n 1378703_641989529178412_1067301712_n






How else would you learn?

And finally: RELAX AND ENJOY!







It is now time to head to holidays and close Think Co for the year. Host team 2013, Ella, Katja and me, will head towards new adventures in Italy, Austria and Ethiopia and the 2014 host team – Laura, Matti and Niina – will welcome you after Christmas brake on the 13th of Jan 2014.

Thanks to the Think Co community for making this year full of new experiences, laughter, jokes, life-long memories and most especially learning by doing! 🙂


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