The JEPE blog is a partner of the HELSUS Global South Encounters, which is a series of seminars intended to sharpen critical research in sustainability science. Recognizing the complexities and peculiarities of the Global South, these seminars engage mainstream sustainability science in order to transcend it, among others by decolonizing nature, economy, society, and methodologies

2022 Webinar Schedule

March 2022  
Topic: Destructive ExtractionSpeaker: Nnimmo Bassey, Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Nigeria

April 2022
Topic: Coal Mining
Speaker: Ruchira Talukdar, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

May 2022
Topic: Climate Racism
Speaker: Anaïs Goubert, Center for Economic and Policy Research, USA

June 2022
Topic: Indigenous Land Dispossessions
Speaker: Joffre Balce, Association for Good Government, Australia

July 2022
Topic: Development and Environment
Speaker: Mariko Frame, Merimack College, USA

August 2022
Topic: Haze and Anti-Haze
Speaker: Helena Varkkey, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

September 2022
Topic: Just Transition
Speaker: Ali Almoghazy, University of Helsinki, Finland

October 2022
Topic: Collectivising Nature
Speaker: María Alejandra Vélez, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

November 2022
Topic: Ecological Reparations
Speaker: Jessica Omukuti, University of Oxford, UK

December 2022
Topic: Book Discussion
Speaker: Stefan Ouma, University of Bayreauth, Germany

Check out the Global South Encounters webpage to see more details about upcoming and past seminars.