HENVI Science Days are organized by the HENVI Institute annually to serve as a platform for environmental scientists for presenting their latest research findings and providing a discussion forum for researchers, policy makers and other interest groups. HENVI Science Day 2015 is titled “Towards Circular Economy – Designing a Sustainable Food Cycle” and will take place on 21st April, 2015 in Helsinki, Minerva-Tori. The aim is to approach the concept of circular economy, apply it onto the sustainable food production and discuss future trends and challenges from the interdisciplinary perspective. The event targets researchers, policy-makers, representatives from the private sector and students.

HENVI Science Day 2015 is organized as a highly interactive event allowing the audience actively participate through software facilities, as well as through moderated round table discussions. To increase the societal impact of the event, we aim to produce a policy brief and a discussion paper, which will be formed from the statements that are discussed in the event.

HENVI Science Days are a part of the Forum for Environmental Information (FEI) that gathers together events aiming to enhance the use of scientific knowledge in decision-making. HENVI Science Day 2015 are financially supported by Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation.




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