Katri is associate professor in the department of bacteriology and immunology and docent of medical microbiology and has a broad background in medical science (MSc 2014), ecology (MSc 2010, PhD 2015), and bacteriology (PhD 2016).

PhD students

BRANDON HICKMAN is a PhD student with a background in environmental engineering (BSc 2008) and atmospheric physics (MSc 2015). He has an interest in environmental data and the role the environment plays in our health. He is currently investigating the role of the gut microbiota and the environment on allergy development in infants.

SANDRO VALENZUELA is an experienced bioinformatician with a strong background in computer science (Bsc 2016). Since graduating, he has been actively involved in microbiome-related projects and is currently pursuing a PhD with a keen interest in studying the dynamics of the baby’s gut microbiome.

MSc students

IIRIS KATAVISTO is a MSc student in Genetics and Molecular Biosciences program with a BSc in Biology. She is investigating host-microbiota interactions through faecal biomarkers.

CHU-AN HYYRYLÄINEN is a MSc student in Translational Medicine program. She is testing a new sequencing library preparation protocol for metagenomic samples.

SASU TAMMINEN is developing a protocol for selective bacterial culture from faecal samples.

Research assistants