MaReTE: From Sherds of Pottery to Open Egyptological Data

MaReTE: Machine-Readable Texts for Egyptologists aims to publish openly available machine-readable ancient Egyptian texts, the absence of which hinders the development of digital Egyptology. To help process and publish such texts, a workflow and several tools are built within the project and they will be published with an open license for others to use.

In 2020, the Finnish Cultural Foundation granted funding for the first preparatory year of the project, and work began at the beginning of 2021. The second part of the project called From Sherds of Pottery to Open Egyptological Data started in 2022 and is funded by the Kone Foundation (2022–2024). The research is carried out at the Department of Digital Humanities at the University of Helsinki and in connection with the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires  (2018–2025).

The publications and my other activities connected to the MaReTE project can be found here.

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