Radziszewska: Intercultural dimensions of entrepreneurhip

Summary by Veera Wusu

The article aims to describe the impact of national culture in the process of starting an entrepreneurship and especially in family firm creation.  The article defines cultures as national cultures, and utilizes Hofstede’s (2001) model and Hofstede’s GLOBE project’s (2002) categories in the analysis.

To given an insight to the author’s perpective on culture and it’s influence on the entrepreneurial behavior, I quote her. The author claims that: ”Cultural differences have direct influence on entrepreneurial orientation and entrepreneurial behaviors among member of particular cultural community” (p. 38), and: ”Culture has a direct manifestation in the behavior of people belonging to a specific culture. It influences the personal values of individuals, and furhermore, influences their behaviors. Thus, national culture can support or impede entrepreneurial behavior at the individual level” (p. 42).

In this framework, the article compares different dimensions of national cultures described by Hofstede, and puts them in relation to entrepreneural behavior categorizing them as having assumably positive or negative influence on starting a business.

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