Summary on Swastika Paudel´s thesis by Kaija

OPERATING A SMALL BUSINESS IN FINLAND, Case study E-bazaar in Pietarsaari, by Swastika Paudel

I read a thesis about how to start a shop that sells Asian goods in Finland. It was written by Swastika Paudel. In this thesis she describes his case study of E-bazaar, a shop in Pietarsaari. For her thesis, she interviewed people and used a variety of written material. She has done a thorough research on how to start a business in Finland.

This research includes different kinds of things you must have knowledge of to be able to build a successful business in Finland. You must know about the laws, have a good business plan and find out with different analysing techniques how to make your business blossom. Mainly, according to Paudel this thesis is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs to make their dreams about own shop to come true.

She chose E-bazaar for her case study because the business has been successful although it has not yet been around for a long time. All in all Paudel´s thesis can be considered to be a good information package for all those who aspire to become Asian food store owners.

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