The Legal Policy Research Unit is Finland’s only national and academic research unit that specialises in legal policy research. We are part of the Institute of Criminology & Legal Policy,   formerly known as the National Research Institute of Legal Policy. We are located in the Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Helsinki.

As an independent and non-partisan research group, we conduct research on a wide number of topics impacting legal policy and provide policy recommendations. We conduct a nation-wide survey on legal needs, study debt problems, assess legislative drafting, conduct impact assessments, review legislations and suggest policy reforms, and evaluate access to justice.

Our research methodology combines a data and people-driven approach, to find new ways of studying and understanding old and new problems in an ever-changing society, and responding to them. Founded in 1974, we bring academic rigour and scholarly attention to problems at the intersection of law and society without losing sight of our end goal − creating impact. Our interdisciplinary and people-centric focus, our diverse disciplinary backgrounds and our collaborative mindset make us a vibrant community led by curiosity and commitment to find answers to urgent problems.

We work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the National Institute of Health & Welfare, thinks tanks, scholars and other state and non-state actors in the field.

The Legal Policy Research Unit is led by Kati Rantala, the research director.