University Service

Courses Taught at the Undergraduate Level

➢ Foundations of Education

➢ Principles of Learning

➢ Educational Psychology

➢ Sociological Aspects of Education

➢ Research and Literature in Education

Courses Taught at the Graduate Level

➢ The Nature of Adult Learning

➢ Curriculum and Program Development

➢ Administration of Adult Continuing Education

➢ Voluntary Action and Civil Society

➢ Instructional Theory of Teaching Adults

➢ Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

➢ Future Studies and Futures Research

➢ Workshop in the Future Invention Process

➢ Seminar in Educational Research

➢ Seminar in Phenomenological Research

➢ Seminar in Dissertation Preparation

➢ Seminar in Advanced Fieldwork Methods

➢ Seminar in Data Analysis

➢ Seminar in Literature Reviews and Conceptual Bases

➢ Philosophy of Science

Doctoral Student Dissertation Committees Chaired

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  • Baber, James. “A Policy Analysis of Titles I-IV of the Higher Education Act of 1992 and the Impact on Adult African American College Students.” Northern Illinois University, 1993.
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  • Book, Lois. “An Ethnographic Examination of Adult Health Management: A Paradigm of Health Stewardship.” Northern Illinois University, 1993.
  • Chen, Sim-Siew. Citizenship Across Boarders: A Phenomenological Investigation of Transnationalism and Personal Transformation. Northern Illinois University, 2006.
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  • Craig, Charles. “Whose Literacy? Whose Illiteracy? Concepts of Literacy and Illiteracy in Adulthood and their Relationship to the Contextual Imperative. Northern Illinois University, 1992.
  • Curtis, Lyn. “The Facilitator’s Struggle: A Qualitative Examination of Community Literacy Education for Adults.” Syracuse University, 1985.
  • Cunningham, Steven, Diversity, Capital and Organizational Performance: A New Paradigm for Strategic Human Resource Development and Higher Education. Unpublished Dissertation, Northern Illinois University, 2002.
  • Daniels, Phyllis. “A Critical Examination of Oppression, Race, and Learning: Life in K-Town.” Northern Illinois University. 1995.
  • Dawson, Rene-Ramona (Co-Chaired with Jan Holt). Relationships Between the Constructs of Epistemological Beliefs and Personality Types in Higher Education. Northern Illinois University, 2006.
  • Gainey, Leroy. “Multicultural Congregations: A Critical Study on the Role of Adult Education in the Southern BaptisDenomination.” Syracuse University, 1992.
  • Garza, Yolanda. “Critical Reflections on Oppression of Latina Administrators in Higher Education and the Role of Adult Continuing Education in Their Empowerment Amidst Diminished Opportunities.” Northern Illinois University, 1996.
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  • Hodges, Brenda. “Awareness, Concerns, and the Discovery of New Voices: A Critical Investigation of Women in the Professorate.” Northern Illinois University, 2000.
  • Holmes, Jeffrey. “It’s the Principal: Perceptions of Instructional Leadership in Illinois.” Northern Illinois University, 1990.
  • Hudson, Sharon, A Qualitative Study of Learner Centered Training: A Corporate View of Web-Based Instruction. Unpublished Dissertation, Northern Illinois University, 2002.
  • Ibrahim, Aini. “A Critical Examination of Religious Conversion: Insights into Learning and Self-Discovery.” Northern Illinois University, 1995.
  • Johnson, Wayne A. A Naturalistic Study of Homicide Investigation Expertise. Unpublished Dissertation, Northern Illinois University, 2001.
  • Kachingwe, Aimie. “Interculturalization and the Education of Professionals: A Grounded Theory Investigation of Diversity, Multiculturalism and Conviction in the Physical Therapy Profession.” Northern Illinois University, 2000.
  • Kamwango, Martin. “An Ethnomethodological Study of the Self-Evaluation Experiences of Adult Learners in a Two-Year College Nursing Program. Northern Illinois University, 1993.
  • Kiernan, Kathleen. “Learning New Traditions of Partnerships, Coordination, and Jurisdiction: A Critical Ethnographic Investigation of the Long-Term Effects of Homeland Security.” Northern Illinois University, 2003.
  • Kovach, Ronald. “Broken Covenants: Why the Secularization Debate is Critical to the Future of American Higher Education.” Northern Illinois University, 2010.
  • Kovala, Irene. “Metapolicy Development and Community College Internet Instruction: A Naturalistic Investigation of Three Community College Settings. Northern Illinois University. 1999.
  • Krasemann, Keith. A Metaphorical Analysis of Time: New Theories for Adult Education. Unpublished Dissertation, Northern Illinois University, 2001.
  • Labriola, Rose. “Standard Making and its Effects on Professionalization: Implications for Adult Education, Nursing Practice, and Quality Outcomes.” Northern Illinois University, 1998
  • Lockerby, Mary Louise. “The Human Factors of Cancer Survival: A Qualitative Analysis of the Commonalties.” Northern Illinois University, 1990.
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  • Ortiz, Elizabeth. “Latino Leadership: An Autoethnographic Account.” Northern Illinois University, 2008.
  • Perkins, Valerie S. “Trials, Turmoil and Triumphs: An Historical Case Study of the Effects of Culture on the Development of Presidents at Malcolm X College, 1969-1999.” Unpublished Dissertation, Northern Illinois University, 2001.
  • Pijanowski, Katherine. “A Case Study Investigation of Association-Based Voluntarism: Motivation, Legitimization, and Social Consciousness.” Northern Illinois University, 1999.
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  • Ramona-Dawson, Rene. “Self esteem, motivation and learning: Factors of Success.” Northern Illinois University, 2006.
  • Reinhard, Tess. “Change Leadership: Imperatives for the Future.” Northern Illinois University, 2006.
  • Richards, Maury. “Optimal and Strategic Police Operations in Combating Organized Crime.” Northern Illinois University, 2010.
  • Rivera, Julio Antonio. “A Critical Analysis of the Effects of Packaged Staff Development Program on the Professionalization of Teachers.” Northern Illinois University, 1991.
  • Rydland, Inge. “Adult Education as Realization of Development: A Critical Study of Development Paradigms in Ethiopia.” Northern Illinois University, 1993.
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  • Scaramella, Gene L. “Containing Organized Crime: Implications for Continuing Criminal Justice Education.” Northern Illinois University, 1998.
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  • Trafton, Terry. The Paradox: A Historical Study to Assess the Role of Adult Education in the Military Government Democratization of Okinawa.” Northern Illinois University, 1992.
  • Tysl, Linda. “Cross Gender Mentoring of Successful Women Managers in the United States Government: Toward a Female Model of Mentoring.” Northern Illinois University, 1993.
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  • Wang, Jinbo. “Habits of Computer Users in the Educational Psychology Profession: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between the United States and China.” Northern Illinois University, 1998.
  • Wiese, Dorene. American Indian Adults and the Construction, Structures, and Meaning of Knowledge. Northern Illinois University, 1996.

Other Advisement Indictors

  • Number of Masters Students Supervised: 45
  • Number of Memberships on Dissertation Committees: 135



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