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Upcoming events in Industrial Pharmacy

Industrial Pharmacy 25++ Alumni Symposium 14(-15) September 2022

The event is dedicated to all current or previously graduated students of Specialisation studies in Industrial Pharmacy. Got interested to join the event? Please contact  ville.perala[at]  at latest 20 August.

Industrial Pharmacy seminars (in Zoom)

Preliminary information on seminar dates on Fall semester! Upcoming seminars 15 August (at 14-16) and 2 September (at 10-12). For more information (icl. Zoom link), please contact  ville.perala[at]


ERKO Courses Fall semester 2022

590707 ERKO Quality management and GxP, 10 ECTS. Course is to be lectured in Academic year 2022/2023. The first course days are 8.12.2022, 15.12.2022 and 16.12.2022 (from 9 am to 4 pm). More information will follow at the beginning of the course.

Most Industrial Pharmacy courses can be taken non-stop in Moodle.

Industrial Pharmacy virtual research seminar 2022

Virtual Industrial pharmacy research get-together for M.Sc. students, ERKO/specialisation education students (new and old curriculum) and PhD students and our Docents was held 4th April 2022. The date for next meeting is announced soon.

The application period for Specialisation Education in Industrial Pharmacy is 14.2.-2.5.2022, and education will begin in September 2022.

ERKO Courses Spring semester 2022

590704 ERKO Operations in pharmaceutical industry and distribution 

590714 ERKO Pharmaceutical business and marketing

PROV-903 Asiantuntijajohtaminen

ERKO Courses Fall semester 2021

UEF Leadership studies (mandatory studies in ERKO programmes) begins 3.9.2021! Please remember to register for the course in UEFWebOodi. Organizing party University of Eastern Finland (contact person Reeta Heikkilä). / Johtamisopintokokonaisuus alkaa 3.9.2021 orientaatiotehtävällä. Hoidathan ilmoittautumisen kuntoon mahdollisimman pian UEF WebOodissa! Linkki Moodleen ja Moodleavain lähetetään ilmoittautuneille UEF WebOodin kautta.

590712B ERKO Pharmaceutical Development Part II (Farmaseuttinen tuotekehitys, osa II), 9.9.2021–29.10.2021. Enrolment is open in SISU (first make your study plan in SISU, then enrol via your study plan in SISU).

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