Welcome to INPRES/LADA project blog!

This blog presents two inter-related longitudinal research projects concerning pre- and post-migration integration and adaptation among voluntary migrants undertaken at the Research Unit of Social Psychology at the University of Helsinki. Both projects were funded by the Academy of Finland.

INPRES (Intervening at the pre-migration stage: Providing tools for promoting integration and adaptation) was a 3-year longitudinal research project investigating the influence of the pre-migration stage on post-migration integration and adaptation among Ingrian-Finnish re-migrants from Russia to Finland. It was also the first to suggest practical tools for intervening at the pre-migration stage of their migration process. The project, led by Professor Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti,  was carried out during years 2008-2011.

LADA (The Long-Term Adaptation of Diaspora Migrants) was a 2-year longitudinal research project that continued the above-mentioned INPRES project. The aim of the project was to offer research-based information about the most pertinent pre- and post-migration factors involved in the long-term adaptation of ethnic re-migrants from Russia to Finland, as well as about the pushing and pulling factors related to immigration to Finland. The project approached the long-term adaptation of immigrants from psychological (e.g., well-being), sociocultural (e.g., functioning in the society) as well as from social psychological (e.g., intergroup contact and attitudes) viewpoints. The project, led by Docent Tuuli Anna Mähönen, was carried out during years 2012-2014.

NB: These projects have now ended. For ongoing research on ethnic intergroup relations carried out in the discipline of Social Psychology, University of Helsinki, please see the blog of our ESSO group, or the publications of the project leaders Inga Jasinkaja-Lahti and Tuuli Anna Mähönen.



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