International Network in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (INREES) is a network-based research-training and mobility programme for postgraduate students. The network establishes an academic community that allows for the development of professional and pedagogical skills. Cooperation with our partner universities University of Glasgow, University of Bremen, University of Tartu, and Södertörn University enables possibilities of international networking and establishing new contacts during summer schools and fellowships.

INREES organises intensive courses, summer schools, seminars and other research training activities, which have been a tradition at the Aleksanteri Institute since 1998. These provide systematic training and education emphasising the academic skills needed in research and area expertise. The goal is to establish an international doctoral education network in the field of Russian, East European and Eurasian studies.

INREES is multidisciplinary in nature. It includes traditional area studies based on humanities and social sciences, as well as research fields with contemporary global importance, such as environmental and media studies. The network thus provides strong knowledge of the region’s history, culture and societies, which will deepen the understanding of global political, economic and social phenomena that exist in the area.

Important notice:

Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland and the University of Helsinki, the INREES suspends the institutional collaboration with Russian universities.