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International (selected examples)

Kivivuori, J., Rautelin, M., Büchert Netterstrøm, J., Lindström, D., Bergsdóttir, G.S., Jónasson, J.O., Lehti, M., Granath, S., Okholm, M.M. and Karonen, P. (2022). Nordic Homicide in Deep Time: Lethal Violence in the Early Modern Era and Present Times. Helsinki: Helsinki University Press. Open access, apply link or go to: DOI:

Marshall, I. H., Birkbeck, C., Enzmann, D., Kivivuori, J., Markina, A., & Steketee, M. (2022). International Self-Report Delinquency (ISRD4) Study Protocol: Background, Methodology and Mandatory Items for the 2021/2022 Survey. Boston, MA: Northeastern University. Open Access at

Kivivuori, J & Lehti M, & Rautelin M. & Lindström D & Netterstrøm J. B. (2020). Time cycles of homicide in the early modern Nordic area. Nordic Journal of Criminology. DOI: 10.1080/2578983X.2020.1766283

Kivivuori, J & Rautelin, M & Bergsdóttir, GS & Granath S & Jónasson, JO & Karonen P, Koskivirta A & Lehti, M & Netterstrøm, J B & Okholm, M M (2020). Historical Homicide Monitor 2.0. General Instructions and Coding Manual. Research Briefs 40/2020. Helsinki: University of Helsinki, Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy. Open access, apply link or go to:

Enzmann, D & Kivivuori, J. & Haen Marshall I. & Steketee, M. & Hough, M. & Killias, M. (2018). A Global Perspective on Young People as Offenders and Victims. First Results from the ISRD3 Study. Springer, Switzerland.

Kivivuori, J (2017). Veli Verkko as an Early Criminologist: A Case Study in Scientific Conflict and Paradigm Shift. Scandinavian Journal of  History 42:2, 144-165.

Kivivuori, J & Savolainen, J & Aaltonen, M (2016) The revenge motive in delinquency: Prevalence and predictors. Acta Sociologica 59:1, 69-84.

Kivivuori, J. (2014). Understanding Trends in Personal Violence: Does Cultural Sensitivity Matter? In Michael Tonry (ed): Why Crime Rates Fall, and Why they Don’t. Crime and Justice, Volume 43. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

Kivivuori, J. & Suonpää, K. & Lehti, M. (2014). Patterns and Theories of European homicide Research. European Journal of Criminology 11:5, 530-531.

Kivivuori, J (2014). History of the Self-Report Delinquency Surveys. In Gerben Bruinsma & David Weisburd (Eds): Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (pp. 2309-2319). Springer, New York.

Kivivuori, J. & Salmi, V. & Walser, S. (2013). Supervision Mode Effects in Computerized Delinquency Surveys at School: Finnish Replication of a Swiss Experiment. Journal of Experimental Criminology 9:1, 91–107.

Kivivuori, J & Sirén, R. & Danielsson, P. (2012). Gender Framing Effects in Victim Surveys. European Journal of Criminology 9:2, 142–158.

Kivivuori, J. (2011). Discovery of Hidden Crime. Self-Report Surveys in Criminal Policy Context. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Kivivuori, J. (2007) Crime by Proxy. Coercion and Altruism in Adolescent Shoplifting. British Journal of Criminology 47:5, 817–833.

Kivivuori, J. (2007) Delinquent Behaviour in Nordic Capital Cities. Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology & National Research Institute of Legal Policy, Publication 227, Helsinki.

In Finnish (selected examples)

Kivivuori, J & Aaltonen, M & Näsi, M & Suonpää, K & Danielsson, P. (2018). Kriminologia. Rikollisuus ja kontrolli muuttuvassa yhteiskunnassa. Gaudeamus, Helsinki. [“Criminology. Crime and Control in a Changing Society”, criminology textbook in Finnish]

Kivivuori, J. (2013) Rikollisuuden syyt. Uudistettu toinen laitos. Nemo, Helsinki. [”Causes of Crime”, criminology textbook in Finnish]

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