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I am Professor of Criminology at the Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy, University of Helsinki. My job description includes directing the Criminological Unit of the Institute. The Institute is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki.

My research has focused on homicide, delinquency, crime measurement systems, and historical dimensions of criminology. I have been centrally involved in the creation of research based crime indicators, such as the Finnish Self-Report Delinquency Study (FSRD, 1995-), the Finnish Homicide Monitor (FHM, 2002-), and the Finnish Crime Victim Survey (FCVS, 2012-). I currently serve in the Steering Committees of the International Self-Report Delinquency Study (ISRD) and the European Homicide Monitor (EHM).

My recent work has centered on history of criminology and historical criminology. The monograph Discovery of Hidden Crime (Oxford University Press, 2011) presented an historical analysis of how criminological paradigms develop in interaction with methodological innovation and policy concerns. I have also explored the work of Veli Verkko (1893-1955), who founded Finnish criminology. The Historical Homicide Monitor project is exploring homicide in the long time span, from remote past to current times.

I serve as Chair of the Research Division of the Finnish Council for Crime Prevention. In 2019, I became the first Chair of the newly established Finnish Society of Criminology.

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Janne Kivivuori
Professor of Criminology
Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy
University of Helsinki
E-mail: janne.kivivuori(at)helsinki.fi