“Nordic Homicide in Deep Time” published

The main report of the original Historical Homicide Monitor project has been published with Helsinki University Press. The book “Nordic Homicide in Deep Time” is an open-access e-book and can be downloaded from the HUP publications hub:

Kivivuori, J., Rautelin, M., Büchert Netterstrøm, J., Lindström, D., Bergsdóttir, G.S., Jónasson, J.O., Lehti, M., Granath, S., Okholm, M.M. and Karonen, P., 2022. Nordic Homicide in Deep Time. Helsinki: Helsinki University Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.33134/HUP-15

Nordic Homicide in Deep Time draws a unique and detailed picture of developments in human interpersonal violence and presents new findings on rates, patterns, and long-term changes in lethal violence in the Nordics. Conducted by an interdisciplinary team of criminologists and historians, the book analyses homicide and lethal violence in northern Europe in two eras – the 17th century and early 21st century.

While offering a rich description of Nordic homicide in the early modern and contemporary periods, the book also recounts the creation of the HHM approach, a methodological effort to extend long-duration analyses of lethal violence further back in time.  The manual for HHM-coding can be downloaded from this web page (see “Publications”).

The project which created the Historical Homicide Monitor approach and manual was funded by the Nordic Research Council for Criminology. The activities of researchers using the HHM have since been continued by the HHM network. Importantly, the HHM approach is largely compatible with the European Homicide Monitor framework, the standard for modern homicide analysis.

Historical Homicide Monitor

The Historical Homicide Monitor is a project and network which aims at standardized analysis of homicide over the long time span. The creation of the HHM was funded by the Nordic Research Council for Criminology.